2 Basic Principles of New Thought

1. We believe in the unity of all life. Behind the multiplicity of appearance is the oneness of God.

2. We believe in spiritual evolution. The entire universe is evolving and growing and we are evolving from from human self-conscious individuals into divine God-centered people.

3. We believe in the goodness of God and in our innate goodness, because we are made in God's image and likeness. We are worthy.
4. We believe in dominion and responsibility. We take full responsibility for our lives because we are
free, spontaneous, and unique individualizations of God.

5. We believe in healing. Through positive prayer any condition can be healed.

6. We believe there is great truth in all religions. We respect all ministries and all spiritual paths. We believe in harmony among diverse peoples, cultures, families, and life styles of the world.

7. We believe in spiritual transformation. As we open our minds and hearts to God, and consciously love and serve others, we are transformed. We choose our lives as spiritual beings with courage and grace.

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