an essay by Thomas Troward entitled, Three Fold Man from A Quarterly Record of Higher Thought Work published between 1908 and 1915. I quote the essay almost in its entirety because it is not available elsewhere and it is one of the clearest and most succinct explanations of this vital relationship.
"In the concluding chapters of the present edition of my 'Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science,' I have discussed at length the relations between Body, Soul, and Spirit, and will now try to summarize them as follows.
Man is primarily a spiritual being, an individualized center for the action of the Universal Creative Spirit, and his vehicles are therefore specially adapted for this purpose. This is the key to the mystery of our personality - we must always keep before us the purpose it is intended to answer.
The soul holds the middle place in our triune being and enables the spirit to express itself through the body and thus, operate in the external ;world. It is the differentiating element through which the essential ego, or spirit, passes out from the All-Spirit, or "Father" into conscious individuality.
Then these two operating respectively as the creative and differentiating elements produce a physical body corresponding to the degree in which these two elements are united.
But the mind, or soul, which is the consciously differentiating factor, does not at first realize its relation to the spirit or creative element. It is only conscious of environment through the body, and consequently its earlier conception- of itself is that of separateness from other individualities. This is the recognition of the lower personality.
At this stage we may picture the 'pneuma,' or spirit, rather as brooding over the personality than as completely residing in it, and therefore as acting on the 'psyche' or soul, as a force by induction rather than by self-recognition as forming a single entity with it; and this must continue until the soul recognizes that the spirit is the basis of its life and powers, for it is through the soul as the differentiating element that the spirit attains the consciousness of individual personality.
As the soul gradually grows into this recognition, the spiritual essence becomes amalgamated with it, thus raising it into a higher mode of consciousness, until at last the two become one. This union completes the birth of the higher personality in which the spirit expresses itself consciously through the mind, and the mind in turn expresses this consciousness through the body, and so builds up a body suitable to the vehicle of such a consciousness. When this is accomplished the man has entered a New Order of being."
Without the amalgamation of the spiritual essence, both the flesh and the soul are damned, not to hell but to separation from their source,