This Twelve Powers meditation can be used with all 12 attributes of Mind or you may use these attributes in pairs or small groups. Please assure that you always use at least one power from the head and one from the torso area of the body to assure a balance in the activities they will produce.

The Christ of your being, the presence of the living God incarnate in you, resides as a radiant white light at the crown of your head. See this light and allow it to call forth, cleanse and quicken the twelve attributes of Divine Mind that they may mentor, lead and inspire you to demonstrate true spintual leadership in your life and our world.

is represented by the disciple Peter, blue in colour and located in the area of the pineal gland.
FAITH is the ability to say "YES" to God and good.
FAITH draws my good from the invisible to the visible.
Denial: Doubt and fear of the unknown have no place in my mind and heart.
Affirmation: From God, through me, good pours forth into the world as perfect manifestation.

is represented by Andrew, spring green in colour and located in the small of the back.
STRENGTH is my ability to be still.
STRENGTH allows me to stick with Divine Ideas.
STRENGTH is patience, tolerance, steadfastness and balance.
Denial: I deny any sense of weakness or despair.
Affirmation: Divine STRENGTH surges through me now as energy, encouragement and patience.

is represented by James the son of Zebedee, yellow in colour and located in the solar plexus.
JUDGEMENT is my ability to discern, evaluate, and make decisions.
JUDGEMENT allows Divine Wisdom to flow through me.
Denial: I release any pressure of decision making.
Affirmation: God as Divine Wisdom is bringing to light my peffect direction.

is represented by John, pink in colour and located in back of the heart.
LOVE is my ability to know oneness with all.
LOVE is my ability to desire that only good come to all.
LOVE harmonizes.
Denial: There is no absence of love, no sense of separateness in my life.
Affirmation: The law of God is drawing all that I desire with good for all in peace and harmony.

is represented by Philip, purple in colour and located at the root of the tongue.
POWER is my ability to change and build consciousness.
POWER is the ability to choose my thoughts and feelings.
POWER is not for controlling others.
Denial:No person or condition has power over my life.
Affirmation: I see Divine POWER is moving through me now, uplifting me, and changing my life.

is represented by Bartholomew, light blue in colour and located in the occipital lobes.
IMAGINATION gives shape, form, and colour to unformed mental energy. br> IMAGINATION is the projector of my potential.
IMAGINATION is vision beyond appearances.
Denial: There are no limitations or boundaries in my life.
Affirmation: I see wonderful new people, situations, and supply coming to me now in my spiritual development.

is represented by Thomas, gold in colour and located in the right fore brain.
UNDERSTANDING is my ability to know that God stands under all things.
UNDERSTANDING is knowing with my heart.
DeniaI: There is no condition or lack of information that can prevent me from accomplishing.
Affirmation: God stands under all things and the perfect outworking is being revealed to me now.

is represented by Matthew, silver in colour and located in the left fore brain.
WILL is my ability to be willing toward God.
WILL allows me to choose willingness over wilfulness. It is always seeeing the good for all. It is your directive power that determines character formation. It is the great permission-giver of your consciousness.
Denial: I release old ways, making room for new awareness.
Affirmation: I am open, receptive, and willing to accept God's will.

is represented by James, the son of Alphaeus, olive green in colour and located behind the navel.
ORDER is my ability to keep "God first" in my continuous development.
ORDER is my ability to develop coosciousness in proper sequence-mind, body and outer affairs. It eliminates generalizations. It is the Divine plan unfolding through you now.
Denial: Chaos and confusion are hereby eliminated from my life.
Affirmation: God is first in my life and is revealing my very next step,right now.

is represented by Simon the Zealot, orange in colour and located at the medulla oblongata.
ZEAL and ENTHUSIASM is an exspression of love and life.
ZEAL and ENTHUSIASM is the power of joy and energy we feel when we are doing God's work.
Denial: Discouragement and apathy are no longer a part of my consciousness.
Affirmation: The ZEAL of God pours through me now as joy, enthusiasm and exuberance!

is represented by Thaddeus, russet in colour and located in the lower bowels.
RENUNCIATION is my ability to release negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from my consciousness.
RENUNCIATION is my ability to forgive and release others.
RENUNCIATION is my ability to forgive myself.
Denial: Nothing unwanted needs to remain in my consciousness and life experience.
Affirmation: I am now filled with wholeness, light and a sense of well being.

is represented by Judas, red in colour and located in the generative organs.
LIFE is my ability to mend, restore, and draw upon the living Christ for all life functions.
LIFE is my progress, attainment and mastery.
Denial: There is no such thing as an absence of life.
Affirmation: Divine LIFE fills me now, healing, restoring, and making me whole and well.


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