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Malinda Cramer

Often overlooked Malinda Cramer was one of the most important early leaders of the New Thought movement. She is frequently described as ahead of her time.

Born into a large family of eleven children. Malinda's parents were Quakers. At the age of fifteen she developed a disease which the doctors declared incurable and became an "invalid." Later the family moved to San Francisco in hopes the weather would cure Malinda. It didn't.

Despite nearly 25 years of medical treatment Malinda married Charles Lake Cramer and bore three sons.

Malinda's epiphany came in 1885, while in prayer. She had been praying for freedom from her condition, asking: "Is there a way out of my condition? Is there a Power in the Universe that can heal me?" The answer was: The illumined realization of Omnipresence would free her from her bondage to ill health and indeed she discovered that as she changed her beliefs about herself, she was indeed freed from her pain and ill health.

Like many other early New Thought leaders, she studied with the "teacher of teachers," Emma Curtis Hopkins , and as Malinda let go of old habits of belief, she was healed. She began to share her insights and this lead to a treasure trove of classes and healing treatments. She became a major teacher of New Thought and called her teachings Divine Science. Malinda quickly responded to her calling as a teacher and healer, always recognizing that the Power of healing is God.

Over 100 years ago Malinda Cramer's began her spiritual career at the age of 40. She studied, taught and traveled to spread the Gospel of New Thought. She was a caring and compassionate teacher and never hesitated to share the truth traveling as far afield as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Although she had already been teaching for some years, she officially founded the Divine Science Home School on May 4, 1888, later organizing the International Divine Science Association on May 17, 1892 which was the forerunner of today's International New Thought Alliance. Malinda first published the Harmony Magazine in August, 1888. This magazine is considered historically as one of the earliest and most significant New Thought publications.

Mrs. Cramer inspired many of the great early New Thought leaders whose ministries and books are still held in high esteem. Unfortunately, she incurred an injury during the great 1905 San Francisco earthquake and passed away at the age of 62 on August 2, 1906.

During the earthquake and ensuing fire, the Divine Home School and all its contents were destroyed. Many of the original writings of the Divine Science movement were lost.

Over the years many churches were founded in the name of Divine Science but all were autonomous and none were part of Malinda's original school. Until recently, the Divine Science movement appeared to be moving toward extinction. The Denver school being mainly used as a theater and no longer maintaining a solid teaching program which had thrived in the beginning under the name of the Colorado College of Divine Science. Divine Science was fading away and has virtually no name recognition even within the New Thought movement. But recently Rev. J. William Trainor and Rev.. Anne Kunath founded the United Divine Science Ministries International in San Antonio, Texas. The word "United" was included as a part of the new Divine Science organization in order to create a forum to bring together all people dedicated to the original principles and teachings of Malinda Cramer.

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