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My ever present thought is upon God/Good.

Great Spirit is the source of all things.  Great Spirit moves through all things, a tireless energy that never ceases. I acknowledge Great Spirit is present everywhere, and in this omnipresence is all seeing, all knowing, all powerful for ever and ever.  Great Spirit is my source.  My entire being is permeated with the energy of Great Spirit so that wherever I go, whatever situation I am in, the knowledge, the capacity, and anything else I need to live my life and live it well is present with me in that moment. Being infinite, Great Spirit is where am, with whatever I need, at all times.. I let go and let God, knowing that as I focus on my inner experience of highest good, my highest Good blossoms into being in my outer experience. My ever present thought is upon God/Good. I think about Great Spirit continually, knowing that what I contemplate, I become. Whatever I invest my attention in grows and produces powerful returns!  I thank God/Great Spirit for this innate ability to turn my attention to the place it does the most good...within...and let life unfold in grace and in power though Love.  Expressing my deepest gratitude, I release my word into the hands of Great Spirit knowing it is so and so it is.
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There are five steps in affirmative prayer, each step has a name:

Waterrecognition Waterunification Waterrealization Waterthanksgiving Waterrelease
There are seven tools of transformation.  These tools are:


WaterAffirmations or Right Speech


WaterAffirmative Prayer

WaterGoal Setting/Planning WaterJournaling
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