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I invoke beauty by seeing Great Spirit in all things

Great Spirit is everything.  Great Spirit moves through everything.  The Universe is a beautiful work of creation that is expanding outward in the consciousness of Great Spirit. The Universe is created out of an inner beauty that is in the process of unfoldment.  Great Spirit flows through me now and always and as part of this beautiful thought of Great Spirit, I accept and lay claim to this beauty as my own, as part of me, my body,  mind and  soul. I see the awesome beauty of the universe being revealed in my life and  in every facet of my universe. I see things with the singular eye of love and thus all things are endowed with beauty. What I contemplate, I become. I am rooted in the powerful intention of seeing Great Spirit everywhere and in everything and thus I see beauty everywhere in this world. I see beauty where it is easy to see beauty and also in where it is difficult to see beauty. Within those circumstances that are challenging, I invoke beauty by seeing Great Spirit moving with tireless energy. I am rooted within this understanding, and what I see, I experience. I look for the evidence of things not yet seen in my life, knowing that untold beauty is unfolding in my life right now. Whatever I desire, I envision and it manifests. Everywhere I am, even in the most unlikely places, I find Great Spirit. I find Great Spirit permeating the fabric of my being, revealed by the power of God's natural and perfect laws of manifestation. I give thanks for the way this universe works, and I celebrate the beauty of God that I discover everywhere I look  I express my deepest gratitude and with joy in my heart I release my word into the hands of Great Spirit, knowing it is so and so it is
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There are five steps in affirmative prayer, each step has a name:

Waterrecognition Waterunification Waterrealization Waterthanksgiving Waterrelease
There are seven tools of transformation.  These tools are:


WaterAffirmations or Right Speech


WaterAffirmative Prayer

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