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My home is a home for God and a place to celebrate life

Great Spirit/God is everything. Great Spirit is centered everywhere having its circumference nowhere. Great Spirit is always at home. Great Spirit flows through me now and always and so wherever I find myself, I know that I rest in the arms of Great Spirit, protected and comforted. I look around my life and realize that the home in which I live is also the dwelling place of God/Great Spirit, both in form and in  the formless. I let the order and wholesome nature of Great Spirit become manifest in my home, tending to its needs consciously and joyfully, seeing it as selfless service to the One Power that permeates all that is and all that is unseen. I keep my home clean and inviting, creating a space in which to celebrate my life and the lives of all loving beings. I express Good/God and give thanks for the beautiful place in which I live, and I continually move through my life in a state of gratitude for all that Great Spirit gives to me and all creation. I express my deepest gratitude for the omnipresence of Great Spirit in my life, comforting me, protecting me and guiding me and I release this into the hands of Great Spirit knowing that it is so and so it is.
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There are five steps in affirmative prayer, each step has a name:

Waterrecognition Waterunification Waterrealization Waterthanksgiving Waterrelease
There are seven tools of transformation.  These tools are:


WaterAffirmations or Right Speech


WaterAffirmative Prayer

WaterGoal Setting/Planning WaterJournaling
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