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I experience life peacefully, harmoniously, and totally at ease

Great Spirit is everything.  Great Spirit flows through the entire universe.   The Universe always works in effortless harmony, the natural outcome being peace.   Great Spirit flows through me now and always and my nature reflects Great Spirit   and my natural state of being is effortless harmony and deep inner peace. I am infinite life expressing my true spiritual self in all that I do. Today I experience life peacefully, harmoniously, and totally at ease knowing that I am embraced  by Great Spirit.  No conflict can disturb my inner serenity; no outer challenge can depose it. I root myself solidly in the understanding that wherever creative conflict arises, it's a choice to grow and move forward with new eyes, honest communication, and an open heart. Whenever I find myself conflicted, all I need do is find the seed of growth and change in that moment, and welcome it with all my heart. I let go of every relationship, habit and activity that generates difficulty in my life; I'm not willing to invest my time or attention in what causes suffering. I find creative ways that move me forward and reveal my true nature in all that I do, and while I'm doing this, my nature is restored to its rightful balance, harmony, and joy.  I give deep and joyful thanks for this and with gratitude in my heart I release my word into the hands of Great Spirit knowing it is so and so it is

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There are five steps in affirmative prayer, each step has a name:

Waterrecognition Waterunification Waterrealization Waterthanksgiving Waterrelease
There are seven tools of transformation.  These tools are:


WaterAffirmations or Right Speech


WaterAffirmative Prayer

WaterGoal Setting/Planning WaterJournaling
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